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Aren’t these beautiful against the blue sky?
I’ve been playing with felt. The above will be a penny rug. The people at Patched Pumpkin helped me choose a tasteful colour combination. Many thanks.
Irene at Patched Pumpkin helped me make this Christmassy one. I love these subtle colours.
Son’s delayed birthday party happened- we began by taking him and his friends bowling.

Son in action.
He had a couple of these and was in the lead by one point after 10 rounds.
It was just me left to go. I did this.
And somehow I won by 4 points with an extra go. I’m still not sure why I got this extra go. I think there are people still in therapy having tried to explain the rules of cricket to me so no one was willing to try with bowling. 🙂
Son took defeat well and sat in an electric chair. LOL I turned lovingly to hubby and said in a very Adams Family way “Oh look darling he’s having his very first electric chair”. Morticia would’ve been so proud. 🙂
We took everyone for a pizza where all the teenage boys wanted a balloon. They sounded like chipmunks in the car as we dropped them off.
I found they made pretty shadow patterns on the ceiling. Sorry- bit blurry.

Daughter finally collected a trophy she won on Sport’s day in the Summer. She was the best athlete in year 10. So proud of her. 🙂 I’m not sure why it has a football on.
Ok we’re back at Halsall Church for Harvest Festival. I went snap happy so we’re going to be here for a few posts. I’ll keep words to a minimum as this is pic heavy.
South facing Porch

Porch window
Once inside turn left and you see this window. We’ll carry on clockwise around the church.
Harvest display.
The font.
West facing window.

Fruit and floral display

North facing windows.

All the sills were decorated.
The south facing windows and altar are yet to come.
I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I did.

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