Sloe Wine, Gull memories, Halsall Church

Dried sloes boiling in sugar then mashed.
These are modern demijohns as the new glass ones can’t be trusted not to break aparently. These are now on a shelf in the old kitchen fireplace probably until Christmas.
Remember the gull pics I took on the beach? I drew these then outlined them in red so I could trace the shapes onto heat and bond.
A bit of blanket stitch later and the “Gull Memories” is born.
The full top.
Sneak pic of progress for Messy Karen.

Now we’re off to Halsall Church about 4 miles away.
We go in to the west.
Halsall Church parts date from 1320AD I cut and pasted a diagram showing what dates from when from “Victoria County History of Lancashire vol 3 1907”.

The right is the older part (east). Click to enlarge.
Weathervane on top of the spire.
Clock on the tower
There are so many gargoyles. I took over 100 photos.
The local lord Edward Halsall founded a school for his tenants’ children in 1593. The above is his coat of arms and the former door to the school by the church tower. It was originally 2 storeys. I did find a copy of the original Latin inscription which has eroded away, but have lost it again.
Another coat of arms. It doesn’t match the local Lord’s ones that I found so perhaps it is a combination celebrating a marriage?
The main south facing entrance.
Inside the porch- stone narrow seats to the side.
iron porch light converted for electricity
The bishop and king either side of the door arch.

Porch window with leaded glass.
Sundial in the graveyard
An old font near the porch.
These plastic “panes” protect the stained glass windows.
You can just see some of the window detail.
The East facing window.
This man in a boat is also on the east wall.
I think this is the top of the east facing vestry.
There were so many of these figures all different. I think their job was to get the water away from the building.
Now we turn the corner and begin to look at the North side of the church. I will also tell you that I cleared up a mystery which has bugged me since I first noticed some ruins that hubby’s local born and raised school friends said didn’t exist. 🙂 That will follow too. I hope you enjoyed seeing the medieval church. I enjoyed finding out more. There is a Harvest Festival here on Sunday.

Goodbye September- boy were you a quick month! Hello October.

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