Witch, cones, cushion top, needlecase

A little bit of Autumn for the living room.
Ornamental pot holder
Autumn themed cones both lined in the same fabric as the acorn top. So harvest!

How they look around the mantle mirror.
The Autumn quilt- going to hang it on something better than net wire soon.
Left overs of the “At Water’s Edge” fabrics turned into a cushion top. I’ve been having trouble finding a wide enough fabric for the quilt backing but after turning everything upside down, I have found a ripped sheet! It’s white instead of the cream I was wanting, so I plan to tea stain it adding a dash of vanilla. What’s your fav tea-staining recipe?
My hands were bored last night. Hubby says I have an addiction. LOL So I played with some scrap osnaberg, felt and printed calico and came up with a needlecase come pincushion come little scissor holder based on a pic I saw of a Japanese design. Now all I need to do is find my small scissors again so I can keep them here. Ever felt so disorganised that you need a good sort out?

Closed and tied with a bow.

9/11 today. So many memories of the unrealness as the events unfolded like a Hollywood script on our UK TV screen. My cousin was due to be in the Twin Towers that day, but had to cancel as he’d double booked himself. So so many souls were lost. Thinking of their families today.
I thought I’d share this pic with you. Nature’s seeds all cushioned in the pod. Each with enough space to grow and in turn make their own plants and seed pods. When I’d hold a warm egg laid by our hens (before we moved to this town), I’d think about what a small miracle I was holding. Then I’d stop being all deep and meaningful and think of bacon and eggs for lunch. 🙂

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