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My current WIP. The angel’s skin and wings aren’t done yet. Needs stitching round and backing too. “How we use our blessings is the true measure of our thanksgiving”. A Plum Creek Collectibles design.
This was meant to be a medieval house according to the box we got in a charity shop. I’m blogging it because making this castle without a pattern beyond the one pic we could find on the net was a challenge to say the least. Son is very happy with his present though now it’s done. He’s now occupied with scraper board and making wind chimes. No homework from school just yet. He’s seeing a consultant on the 15th so we’ll find out then when he can go back. He’s on crutches still which frustrates him as he can’t sneak into the kitchen without being rumbled. LOL

Slouch socks/ walking boot socks. I needed a project which didn’t take any organising or head space while son was in hospital.
I love the yarn- it’s DK and machine washable but came in a job lot so no band round it. Maybe I’ll make a scarf or hat and gloves with the left overs?
A friend found this for me in a charity shop way over in Leeds. She and I have been looking since my 20th Anniversary (china) for a big china cabinet. Thank you Diana.
I even like the embossed leaf pattern on the peachy cream background fabric.
This is the main trunk -been in my husband’s family for years and even has an old Victorian railway sticker on it. (Not shown.) My china has been packed inside this and another one for years.
Each piece of china was wrapped individually in bubble wrap and wall lining paper and labeled so takes up a lot of room. Plates are packed on their edges then wrapped together for extra strength, so everything takes up a lot of room.
A lot managed to fit in though. Sorry not the Beatrix Potter things of my childrens or the rainbow hound things. So I still have more to unpack when I can. It’s like greeting old friends.
My green man wreath is up again. It’s one of the first things I made at Patched Pumpkin last Autumn. I had never done crafting like this before, but it was something I just needed to make as it was so beautiful.
BOW 8 was finally sewn together. It should’ve happened on Thursday.
I put the 8 blocks from the last 2 months together and the borders on too. It’s 61″/155cm square, so I’ll probably have to use 2 pieces of fleece to back it. I am so pleased with how it came out.
This book is wonderful for Autumn ideas it’s by Nancy Halvorsen. I’ve got a pot holder and 2 cones drawn onto Heat and Bond at the moment from this book. It’s where the leaves mat I blogged about earlier came from. I think it’s my fav booklet at the moment. Click to enlarge.
Looking ahead. Want to make a quilt, advent calender, tree skirt, santa bag, choc box, table runner, wine holder, stitcheries, gift tags then this is the book for you. So many designs which can be used on their own or put into a big quilt. Definately worth looking out for. It’s by Anni Downs.

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