A little more Autumn

It’s a bird!
No it’s a plane! Big noisy blighter turned up for the air show this weekend.
Let’s pop off instead to the canal and Beacon Park where the last post’s pics were taken.

I think this small tunnel may be a rabbit’s. I love the way it looks like a natural wreath.
The last time this tree will be dressed for Summer this year.
St Michael’s at Dalton at the top of a road. It can be seen for miles which is common for churches in the UK.
Just look at the expression on Precious’ face! “Yeah!”
Angel is more “I hope we’re going down there.”
Pawsha is “I bet I could run all the way there if I wanted.”
Angel got a bit tired.
So she had a wallow. You can see just how much rain there’s been by the mud in the water.
This news link will give you an idea of what the weather has been like.

These funghi were so delicate with many shades of brown.
Rose bay willow gone to seed.
View to the East. My local fabric shop Patched Pumpkin has got a lot of Japanese textured fabrics in, in just these colours.

Quick panorama from Beacon Park
The clouds were fast and so many patterns.
I love this sign with the sky as the background -where else would a crow fly?
Newburgh village on the way home. I think this one was Rose Cottage
Moorcroft House I think.
Next door was Lyn cottage
You can see how old these were.
The pub/hotel was across the road.
Walking back to the car I noticed that Rose Cottage was timber framed.
The walls of this garden were made from slabs of stone bolted together. I saw some pigsties built like this in the area too. It’s very different from the oodlitic limestone walls of Oxfordshire, so caught my eye.

I’m now off to have a long overdue appointment with my beloved sewing machine. I promise crafts in the next post. Ha now I’ve written it I’ll have to cough up the goodies. LOL

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