Crows and Parrots

It’s been a busy week so I’ll rattle through some of the goings-on.

The idea behind this quilt was to get the movement of corvids in the air. I’ve added stars in the sky and trees on the ground in a more primitive style than the birds. It looked more “quilty” if you know what I mean.

I need to sew on the trees hearts and stars and then back this on the cream fleece you can see peeping under it. Based on the below poem this should be a “Joyeous Wish” as there are 8 crows and 2 magpies.

One for sorrow,
two for joy,
three for a girl,
four for a boy,
five for silver,
six for gold,
seven for a secret never to be told,
eight for a wish,
nine for a kiss,
ten for a time of joyeous bliss.
We should all love our trees. 🙂
Blanket stitch to edge, stab stitch holding the white in place.
The night stars to wish on. Tilt head to left- sorry not rotated image.
I was given some pansies. I hadn’t had the heart to throw these broken teapots out so they were recycled inspired by Woof Nanny’s post of 26th November
I’ve finally used the ramekins for Creme Brulee! Hideous amount of calories as it uses a pint of cream, 6 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar.
Boil cream.
Add sugar and egg yolk mixture
Stir until it thickens.
Put into the coolest oven setting you have for 20-30 mins (until set).
To caramelise the top, sprinkle sugar (2-3 tablespoons) and grill until brown.
Cool, then put in fridge for an hour or so.
To feel less guilty I added a lot of fresh fruit.
We’ve been to the zoo. Son says he wants one of these!! I must admit it was pretty cool. The children’s play area looked boring in comparisson. Blasted “Health and Safety” rules no doubt. 🙁
This chap is one of 3 (a blue and a green one too but pics came out blurry) which we brought back. We like macaws a bit:
I did a couple of paintings a while back for our jungle themed dining room. Even the curtains have macaws on, but again pic didn’t come out.
This lady demonstrated how clever Macaws are at the Zoo.

The Macaw at the front is the one flying in the 18 second clip below. Her colours were fantastic – she was a hybrid.

So in between all that I’ve been trying to impersonate a domestic goddess and a garden guru. LOL Well the garden is weeded (Just how did they grow so big and how come I had a mustard plant with a stem as thick as my wrist growing far too merrily under the plum tree?), the ironing and washing got done, family got fed, carpets got vacuumed, kitchen got cleaned, ants got killed, lost shoes got found, ooo and I’m over half way through writing the 4th book. The first 3 ended up being a trilogy. This one is set in the same place and has the same cameo characters but is based on new ones. I’m beginning to like my imaginary world. I don’t have to do housework in it. 🙂

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