Crow House

This is from a pattern by “Connie’s Calicos Too” of Vancouver Washington called “Cheap Wrent.” This is the big bird house. The pattern also includes a barn and a small house.
I added 3 little crow buttons just to show who’s mansion it is. 🙂
I added heart button flowers all round the bottom.
The roof has “tiles” top stitched in curves.
Back view.
I used wadding and 2 layers of very stiff vilene so it stands very firm. I really like this one. The peach windows give it a rosy glow as if it’s candle lit inside. I could add nesting materials inside but haven’t yet.

This should’ve been finished earlier. Here’s an insight into the farce that is my life: I put some white stuff into laundry bleach in the sink to soak in the morning. In the afternoon I picked it up to put into the machine. Somehow I failed to negotiate the 3 necessary steps slipping on the water they had dripped and ended flat on my back still holding the wet washing. When I stood up I realised I had sat in the water too so I looked like I’d had an accident. I swear these things are sent to give someone a giggle. I ended up having to sit quietly and knit instead of moving around getting the crow house sewn up. Still I’ve only a hood and a sleeve to finish now, so I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made. Pics will follow when it’s done.

Felt bag and some embroidery for a bucket to hang on a Christmas tree will follow. What are you all up to?

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