Mosaic Bunnies

“The Prime Minister is wanting you” said hubby. Convinced he was winding me up I replied “Tell him I’m too busy to help him with his budget”.
Turned out to be a swish House of Commons letter from our MP. Feeling dead posh now! 🙂 Just one of the fascinating interchanges between us when I’m upstairs sewing (and shirking paperwork).

Well I finally had some time today to finish off this litter. Wouldn’t you make the time using the darling pattern I posted about earlier.

I tried to give them each some individuality. Some I stuffed more firmly than others and gave them upright ears as if they were more alert and tense. Others I gave floppy ears and softer bodies as if they were dozing.

The fabric is Kaffe Fassett’s Mosaic in gray, pink and blue. As soon as I saw the blue I knew I wanted to make a sitting down bunny (rather than a human shaped bunny) that could look as if it had been made from odd bits of broken blue and white china.

Bunny and egg pot decorations (could use outside for an Easter Egg display if not rainy). Recipient has got these now so I can post them here.

Last night we had the worst storm hit us at about 2am. The house shook from the pounding wind (built on sand) but not as badly as the 2 waves from the earthquake this month. This video is from Ainsdale Sand- the waves were coming in unusually fast on the wide flat beach. There’s been a lot of disruption to the sand dunes from the wind too.

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