Between Storms

The UK was hit last night with winds and rain at the same time as the Spring tides. The weather front curled in from Canada. The South West of England and Wales are the worst effected so far. There’s more due later today. The link has photos from people all over sending them to the BBC.

Here the waves are crashing up against the sea wall. Hubby went to the pier area to take these. They look like studies in grey. 🙂 There’s none of the huge golden beach at all. I know I complain about the lack of sea here (it’s a standing joke that Laurence of Arabia could mug you before you see the sea usually) but it’s likely to come in north of town near the wetlands. Unfortunately the planners in their “wisdom” had allowed loads of houses here with only a mud bank to protect the houses, and local kids have worn this down here and there making bike jumps.

I’ve been grounded all weekend with flu, so no crafting as yet but I have plans for mosaic fabric bunnies now the pattern has arrived curtesy of Etsy:
Bunny Decorations Pattern – Bunnies, Basket, and Wreath McCalls 9165

Bunny Decorations Pattern - Bunnies, Basket, and Wreath  McCalls 9165 UNCUT

The seller “Busy Basket” had loads of patterns and I fell for one with fabric birdhouses too and a wreath one.

Also check out the crows pegs on sabretooth fairy

So I’m all set now to make things as soon as my snotty head stops spinning. My best friend is now called “Manky Hanky” LOL. Hope you all had a good weekend.

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