Recycled Tin Can

Fabric for lining and outer
Strong tape
Tin can with lid
Needle and thread
Glue gun
Tape sharp edge of can where it was opened.
Cut outer and inner fabrics the height of the can plus seam allowances, so it will go all the way round plus seam allowances.
Draw around the base (biro ok) to get 2 outers and 2 inners so lid can be covered. Make the outer fabric ones slightly larger when you sew.
Cut 2 circles slightly smaller than the lid and one about the same size.
Glue the big one to the top of the lid and the 2 smaller to the inside.
Sew a circle of wadding to lining fabric base.
Sew side seam, the the base circles to the sides of both lining and outer fabric.
Glue edge of lining in place so it doesn’t move when you slide the outer over it.
Tuck outer edge in so it is level with the top of the can.
Do a running stitch around the edge of outer fabric.
Pull tight over lid and secure.
Fold lining fabric in on your biro line and sew to outer fabric using ladder stitch.
Sew top of can using ladder stitch, joining outer to lining fabric.
I used a covered button in the lining fabric for the lid.
My plan is to make 4 more in the other Laurel Burch fabrics in the first picture, and have them on a mat made in this galloping horse fabric. (I DO love Laurel Burch’s use of colour)!

I had an idea of possibly leaving a cuff of lining fabric showing on the outside under the lid, but in this fabric the horses would’ve been upside down so I didn’t.

Happy Crafting!

The UK had an Earthquake last night 5.2- one of the biggest for ages. We only felt it as a tremor here and no damage was done as far as I know.

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