Finished bedside set

This is what I was making last night. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but you know how it is- other things crop up. I can now wake up and see a riot of cheerful colour which is guaranteed to put me in a good mood, especially if there is a coffee on one of the orange mats. 🙂 I used a layer of “warm and natural” in each of these and in the main galloping horse mat trimmed in the co-ordinating blue fabric. They go with the Jellybeanangel paintings in the room by Lynn Fraser. She is a lovely local artist – we have a few of her Japanese Harajuku paintings around the house.

Angel’s stitches come out today. Still no news on what the lump was. Will update when I know.

These are a few pages from my ideas book. Hopefully you will see them created at some point on here. I’m not sure which I’ll make next. Something to keep me out of mischief I’m sure.

The bedside mat set has a tick by it in the above picture.
That dangled legged mouse would be fun. Perhaps he should become a bunny for Easter? Oooo ideas ideas! Be still my grinding brain I’ve got mundane shopping and errands to run. LOL

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