Angel update, crafts, and ill son

Angel’s lump is complicated hence not hearing until this morning. It was sent to a panel of 6 pathologists who couldn’t decide what is was. It was either a reactive lymph node or small cell lymphoma. We’ve given the go-ahead for a chemical test to see what chemicals are being produced by the cells which wont be back for about 5 days. Her stitches are a bit sore still, but she is as keen as ever for food and walks (on-lead only).

Other news here- I’ve nearly finished the sequel book and have done the back and one front of a knitted cardi. A friend who has a couple of huskies came with a broken harness and lead so I fixed that with more ingenuity than skill.

The threads are finally all done. No I hadn’t even heard there was such a device as a thread winder for embroidery threads -Amy. I was doing it slowly by hand ensuring no overlap so they looked neat.

Sorry no pics- son been off ill so have been reading him Grimm’s Fairy Tales while he’s too ill to complain. I think he enjoyed the Mildenhall silver hoard and Sutton Hoo boat treasure more. The fairy tales are a tradition in our family though. I still have my childhood book and managed to find a better (all the pages present) copy of it on Ebay. Anyone else got a favourite “ill book” or even book they love to share with their children?

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