Sunrise, Crow Pillow, Angel

Back garden shots of the sunrise.
This was Friday’s Patched Pumpkin idea. I finished and lined it at home this morning. I filled it with a 20″ feather cushion. It seemed more apt than the usual polyester hollowfibre.
Plain brown cotton linen lining and wide black satin ribbon. The outer cotton fabric has small crows on- so perfect for the cross stitch.
Stained wooden buttons, varigated thread, normal thread 3 strands. It was -2 degrees today so not exactly Spring but I can pretend as the central heating is working fine. 🙂
This is the reason I was watching the sun rise-Angel. She had a mammory lump removed. I’m waiting to hear the results today as the lump was sent off by the vet. She’ll be 9 on the 25th February. We’ll do the usual liver and garlic cake.

I’ve not been slack with the thread tidying either- I’m down to just the browns now. Would you believe I ran out of those little card things! Hopefully I will finish tonight and not be fined by the thread police for a life of spaghetti threads. LOL

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