Flat doll, flowers and hoodie

I’ve just uploaded these photos and realised I’ve not taken one of the vintage bag I’ve finally finished for Woof Nanny’s challenge or the cushion, or the wooden heart hanger. I’m still in half brain mode. (I bet there’s more I’ve forgotten).

Yesterday I took daughter into the European City of Culture 2008- Liverpool. She had an appointment so couldn’t get the bus for the art school trip, so I took her to meet up with the class in Liverpool Cathedral. We walked by China Town -I’ll have to see if her photos came out on her phone and if there’s a way of putting them up here.

The weather turned bad as I got on the train to come back here. You could hear and feel the wind blow the side of the carriage. I ran a hot bath as soon as I got in but caught a chill. Britain has been having hail storms ever since. Hubby took the photos of the flowers with some hail stones.

About 100 motorists are stranded on the A66 in County Durham as they have worse weather than here. All over though the weather is around freezing or below tonight.

This is the flat doll I started in Patched Pumpkin but finished at home.

Crocus Primroses and hail
Irises Primroses and hail
Irises and hail
Irises primroses and hail
Irises and melting hail
Detail of aran hoodie for Bailey 6-12m size

So it feels like I’ve been busy, but have forgotten half the photos. Back to the crow quilt and seeing if there’s enough wool left to do something with or simply laying down again.

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