Basket and Fish Mixed Media Picture

Daughter’s picture- she came up with whole idea and all the bits for it from scratch this evening after doing her homework.
Inside of basket. The outer pics didn’t come out. Will try again in the morning when there is better light.

There are flood warnings for the East Coast of England.

Here on the western coast the weather has been foul all day. At one point there was sheet rain so I couldn’t even see the houses on the other side of the road. There have been so many floods in England this year, it feels like we’ve only just mopped up after the last ones. I was helping son with a History project last night and read about 1307-1700A.D. having a Mini Ice Age causing crop failures coupled with flooding leading to famine.

On a much better note, I’m finally feeling on top of the Christmas present making. I have 7 weekends left to do crafts with the children, so I think we’ll manage. 🙂 I just hate leaving anything to the last minute. I panic easily. I’m sooo going to enjoy the last few days before Christmas filling the house with Christmassy cooking smells. I bought the ingredients for the Christmas Cake today, so I’m getting in the spirit.

The wind is howling outside and it’s still raining. Time to settle with more knitting in front of the fire and TV. If it wasn’t for Christmas, I’d recommend hibernating. 🙂

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