Wreath Bag Cat Cardi

I’m slowly getting back to normal. The housework is nearly caught up. Everything is taking far longer than I think it should. LOL Not a lot has changed there then. Hubby says that in the small print of my Plan For the Day should read “take over the world then have coffee”. Definately agree with the coffee bit. LOL

Here’s the pics:Choir Wreath

This will be sprayed with glitter to resemble frost. I think it will look good on a dark blue background/door so it looks like the choir is gathering round the Christmas tree at night.

Bag inside
Bag Outside

I just loved this fun fabric so much I couldn’t cut the FQ I had, so I had to buy another and make a bag. Am I the only one this weird?

Moss stitch swing cardi in black wool. Buttons are darker than they came out in the awful pic.
That link shows the pattern book -it is the one they made in purple. Sublime 607 DK book.
This came from the link on Bettsi’s site. It is going to be a Christmas present for a friend who doesn’t have the internet, so I can show it here.

Off to cook dinner for the hoards. 🙂 Then sit and knit for the evening -quietly.

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