Eek! I’ve been tagged! I have to “list a fact relevant to my life for each letter of my name and then tag that many people to continue the game”. Hmm personally I think you got off light Amy. LOL

Ok here goes:
M – for money. There’s never enough so I bargain hunt, recycle, skip dive, to allow me to spend more on fabric.
E – for education. I’m having such a learning curve being on-line and being technical doing this blog, as well as trying new crafts.
L – for laughter. I am married to a man who rocks my world, makes me laugh, and is as wonderful 21 years on from when I met him.
A -for another. There is always another thing to make on my “To Do List”. This is the only way I’ve found works at organising myself so I actually make the things I want to without forgetting what they were when I have time to make them.
N -for being nice. My Nana had a saying of “if you can’t find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. It’s so important to be encouraging as criticism can be so painful and paople in pain lash out. Before you know it whole countries are at war.
I -for internet. Without it I would never know so many bloggers who encourage and inspire me as I learn and try out new things.
E -for http://www.Etsy.com What a wonderful site I never knew existed before reading Mollychicken’s post mentioning it. So full of crafty people with lovely things to sell. Guess where I’m going Christmas shopping? LOL

Ok That’s it for me. I’ll search for 7 to tag. Thornberry, Tender Arts, Shabbyangel, Mollychicken, Craftapple, Pygletwhispers, violetandrose, phew done!

I did award a Nice Matters to Woof Nanny as she did a post about Voodoo Knives which I sent a link to some friends and we have a laugh about them. Only 4 more to find.

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