Making the "Box of Air" and pics

Here are the pictures of what I’ve been doing -immortalised before I forget and wonder why I’ve felt so busy. I’ve painted all the fence panels on both sides as we had some good weather. It was lovely to sit on the lawn with a brush in my hand. As it hadn’t rained all of us assembled a Victorian style arch which matched the other one in the garden and dug a bed for my old roses around it. I love old roses with a real smell as well as beauty, so have collected a few over the years which have moved with us. Lovely to be out after the lack of summer we’ve had.A very scented sweet pea.
Reine Des Violettes rose 1860s growing on the original arch.

The matching boots and mittens for Baily’s latest set.
The comfiest chair I have ever had (minus it’s seat as I’m working on the tapestry teapot still).
Why this chair needed painting
Undercoated and painted in white satin

This is the start of the whole “Box of Air” idea- the box my friend sent all those goodlies in.

Lid lined in curtain interlining.

Base lined in curtain interlining.

Curtain interlining covering base and ledge.

Lid and base pinned ready for sewing together by hand. Pale blue faux suede.

Ledge and inner faux suede in place. Had to cut 1 side separately as the offcut was long and thin.

Lid padded withwadding and a layer of curtain interlining (acts like “warm and natural” but cheap).

Base lining and outer in place , glue still drying in corners.

Lid outer and lining in place ready for the silver piping.

Close up of fabric but the background is a cream not a peach (my camera?).

Ooop lid needs a steam to get the creases out. The feather fabric and faux suede were from an oddment bin.

Ribboned and padded lid -useful for putting paper pieces in (like a hotel message board I saw in a Poirot film). The ribbons were roll ends in a “30p a bundle” container.

The part finished box- I need to do the layer which sits on the ledge next as it will be a sewing box for all sorts of bits and pieces for my daughter’s birthday.

Close up of the ledge and silver piping hand sewn all round.

Close up of the pale blue faux suede and the 4 ribbons I used- silver glittery, narrow cream, wide deep cream and meium white. The latter 3 have roses woven in.

Lavender drying after I took it from the bush and cut the bush back ready for Autumn. Need to do the same to the hedge running along the front path but haven’t had the heart yet as the bees are so busy with it.

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