Fire! One of THOSE days.

It began with the upstairs toilet suddenly being blocked. YUK! I dealt with the huge pile of ironing, bought loads of food, caught up with the washing my daughter brought back with her from an adventure weekend (abseiling, canoeing, rolling in thick sandstone mud!) and was dealing with all those other horrible but necessary chores.

I can only think that somehow I left a gas burner on while doing a headless chicken impression. Husband then put a plastic Ikea tray on top and left the kitchen. I walked into that part of the house later wondering why there was a slight bonfire effect in the dining room. In the kitchen the tray was well alight with no middle and flames 20cms tall eating in to the edges. Eeek! It was all soon out thankfully with no other damage. Just then the smoke hit one of the alarms so we played a game of “hunt the deafening siren” to regain our sanity and wits. Oh well shouldn’t complain at least the smoke alarm worked.

I’m looking forward to a quiet evening with the 4 riders of the apocalypse. LOL Seriously though, I’ll try to do more cardigan knitting and baste more templates for the next 9×9 octagon and square window for “Ice Windows” patchwork.

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