Past Projects

My 2nd patchwork- full of teapots and berries. It’s hanging so not a very good pic.

My first bash at patchwork. I appliqued the crockery and food onto squares, embroidered details. then machine sewed it all together. The white squares are 10cms each. It was meant to be a typical English Afternoon Tea.

A stained glass door panel I made from left overs from other projects. The size glass pieces I had dictated the design. The pictures aren’t the best but there is a waterfall between the trees. I had a small bit of rippled glass for where the water landed in the pond. The pond is different shades of textured blues and clear glass. I think it worked out well. 55cms x82cms

This is a cross stitch wool rug based on a William Morris fabric. The colours were so close (Appleton Wools) that I could only work on it in bright daylight, and it was so hot to work under that it had to be a winter only project. Needless to say it took me years!

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