I’m Back!!!!!



The final assignment is handed in so I can hopefully have my life back. Crochet flower hair bobble trim.



Ive made a few bits and bobs. Apologies for these pics they are from an I Pad. I will check my camera next. I can’t remember a thing. My head has been occupied with coursework so my hands did little things to keep sane. 3-6 month hat and bootie set.




The African violets are from daughter’s Peru alpaca yarn. The surround from Finnish wool. A real multicultural piece.




10 small red collars




10 small red leads.




10 small blue collars.




10 small blue leads




You can can see the size difference here between the collar types. Above are the 10 big red collars while the small red ones are being made.




10 large red leads




10 large green collars




10 large green leads.




This is one is for a spaniel called Lucy in need of a forever home. Little red lead with dotty red collar.

This course has been the worst one yet. I am so glad it is the last. Hopefully I can have my blog life back again. That would be fun. I NEED some fun again. So how are you all? I’ll do a big catch up with you tomorrow.

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  • Ulla says:

    It almost looks like you have started a home industry plant making dog things. I can see why you long for making lovely things too again! The baby set, hair trim and African Violets are a nice beginning. Congratulations on finishing the academic work!

  • Sylvia says:

    Dear Melanie,
    good to hear from you and wow have you been busy, lots of good things to see.

  • Anne Marie says:

    Good to have you back Melanie..

  • So happy to have you back! Love all your makings… that little cap and booties is a lovely set. The top knot is funny and amazing. You do deserve some fun!
    We are getting ready to move again… this time to Superior Wisconsin. Just listed this house, and next week we are off to see about the next one. (Ugh… what a waste of time.)

  • Deb says:

    It’s so good to hear you all bubbly and relaxed again.Gosh this course has sure kept you busy that’s for sure.
    You’ve definitely been a machine making all of those leads and collars, there are going to be some gorgeous looking four legged friends out and about in England and around .
    The wee helmet and booties are a lovely pattern, really like them.
    So Melanie, its lovely to have you here again cause I so love seeing and reading about all your makings my dear friend.

  • jeanie says:

    You’ve been seriously busy and these are wonderful!

  • Tracy says:

    Ooo… sooo many lovely makes, Melanie–LOTS of fiber goodness! The cream knit baby set is sooo adorable!! And all those leads & collar will cheer a LOT of dogs–well done!! LOVE those aqua blue ones! :o) So glad to see you back here ((HUGS))