Thank You and advice please.

Thank You

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read and comment here over the years. So much has changed in Blogland since I started on the 19th June 2007.

I had a blogger blog back then but they kept changing the tech on me even when I didn’t like the changes.  I eventually made this place to be my crafting home, but it doesn’t update in some people’s blog rss feeds so they have lost touch with me. Sadly though the spammers seem to know how to find me. Generally Blogland is a quieter place than when I first began.  Where have people gone?

Do any of you have recommendations for alternative ways of keeping in touch?

What do you use which is compatible with  camera photos? I don’t have a mobile phone so I am unsure about Instagram. Someone has recommended Tumblr. I will be looking over the hols when I have more time to try and find a new crafting home.

I was so excited in the above 1st blog post to think that I would be having a place to “keep” my makings instead of in a book’s list, then there was the meeting of new people and sharing new ideas. That aspect of Blogland has been fantastic- so much more than I could ever dream of.  I have met some wonderful friends in the real world and they have been every bit as nice in person as on their blogs. This is one aspect of Blogland which has made it so special to me: the people are nice and polite to one another.  Daughter has shown me Facebook but it doesn’t appeal at all- it feels so shallow compared to Blogland.

Blogland is special. It is going to be hard to replace it but I feel I ought to.

All advice welcome.

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