Craft Olympics “Special” Finish 5


This number plate made me smile- so seasonal.


Now Deb has opened her Christmas parcel I can share these 4 mice which can live in the Mouse House I made her for her birthday.


I thought the mice ought to earn their keep so one has a bag with a thimble, another has a needle case, another carries scissors, and the other has a mushroom pincushion.


We’ve had marshmallows toasting on Big Bertha the study fireplace.


This is my final “Special” finish for the Craft Olympics.

It is for a girl’s 21st birthday present as well as her Christmas present. I was determined to get it done this year for her in spite of everything else happening.


It is backed in this blue and white floral striped fabric which has been in my stash for a while. It is good to have a perfect use for it at last.


We’ve had a cosy Christmas in spite of the 90 mph gale force winds. Unlike many in the UK, we kept our electricity and were warm and dry with good food.


Alfonso the hog nosed snake I inherited from my father, joined us for a little while. He is a friendly critter and seemed to enjoy getting to know us now he has settled in.


Bungle is modelling a collar Daughter bought him in silver and black to go with his black Winter coat.

Happy New Year everyone.

I am now caught up with my photos and hope to visit you all soon. My New Years resolution is to be kinder to myself and not take too much on.

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