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This little cat wall hanging (Laurel Burch fabric) has now arrived at Candace’s house to commemorate  her 2 new arrivals.


Here it is the first proper Summer in 7 years.


My roses are loving the dry warmth.


So have a little look. It may be a while before this happens again in the garden.

IMG_9629 IMG_9630 IMG_9631 IMG_9652 IMG_9655 IMG_9656 IMG_9659

I’ve been busy painting. The side gate and one side of the former “Dead Red Shed” were painted blue to match the fence panels at the front.


The compost bin needed emptying so the roses got a top dressing.

IMG_9669 IMG_9671

I think they appreciated it.

IMG_9675 IMG_9686

Where we took the plum tree out (next door neighbour’s sycamore tree made it too shady so the fruit went mouldy before forming) so instead there is now a Kerria. I am glad to have this plant.  My grandmother had it by her front door, so I have happy memories of it. She called it “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”


I bought some Lobelia to fill the edge of pots and a rose in Alnwyck which I haven’t had for a long time. It is called Paul’s Himalayan Musk Rose. It grows 30 ft, so I am hoping it will cover the archway and climb up the back of the house. We had it climb through a tree before and scent the air without being seen.


On a walk by the Marine Lake, I saw that they were re-making the Venetian Bridge which I have shared with you before. Just look what I saw in the water! A part of the side of the bridge! Of course I had to take this unwanted bit of history home with me.

A wonderful coffee, salt licorice, white toblerone, and jellybean parcel in tins came from dear Ulla. She knows me so so well. Thank you Ulla for all those lovely treats.

IMG_9703 IMG_9708

Daughter’s friend is going to have a boy, so I have made a few granny squares in crochet for a blanket. The trouble is a dog came and messed the pattern up so I need to re-lay them before being able to sew them together. Thank heavens for this photo!


Carruthers has settled in well. Squeak likes snuggling and so does he, so it is nice for her. Bungle has yet to give in to being snuggled by a hound. He prefers humans. Fluff has always preferred her own space.


Angel’s old coat fitted Carruthers, so he also got the matching red and black collar and lead.


The rest of the “dead red shed” playhouse needed to be painted to match the side gate.


Son sanded it and I painted.


It looks like a different shade of blue to the front because it is reflecting off the house. It was all done in Forget-me-not blue.


Last night it had a couple of guests. An injured pigeon needed somewhere quiet to eat, drink and sleep, safe from cats. I picked it up in town and brought it home. It left this morning so job done. 🙂


We still have the other resident. A dog walker rang our bell yesterday and said our neighbours had a cockerel in their garden. I knew they were away so went to get it. It turned out to be a Rhode Island Red hen. She wasn’t used to being handled so it was a right farce getting her without her making a dash for the road.

She will now feed from our hands and follow us around the garden. I’ve advertised for her real owners to claim her, but if no one comes then she will go to the local animal shelter who have hens.


Both daughter and I would love to keep her as we have missed having poultry, but with 3 chicken unfriendly hounds (our old girl Fluff is fine) it isn’t a safe place for her doing a time share on the lawn.

So that is the latest news from here. I owe a lot of visits, but I hope you can understand why I have been distracted.

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