Southport Country Fair + Craft News

Welcome to Southport Country Fair, 25th August. 
There was horse driving.
A monitor lizard who was trying to escape.
A little lizard I had to grab quick as it tried to escape while the owner was dealing with the monitor lizard’s bid for freedom.
He was a friendly chap.
Then there was a dozen huskies from a racing team. They hurriedly stepped in when the original dogs were a no-show. They did a brilliant job.
 I may have stroked one or two
or so…..
I got interrogated by my pack when I got home.
This was straight out of the Adams Family- loved it!
 There was a display of old British bikes.
 I like the idea of having a hamper on an old BSA and just picnicing where you stopped on a lane in the days before motorways. Got to get a headscarf and red lipstick. 🙂
Real polished brass parts. 
An old Morris Ten Four. I sound almost knowledgeable! LOL
 I only knew it from it’s badge.
 This little chap is looking for a home for £400. He comes from Upper Aughton near Ormskirk. I had a cuddle. I don’t think he will be waiting long. 
It is nicer to give a rescue dog a home instead of one which has been bred for profit. I know it seems harsh when you look at one as adorable as him, but there are so many dogs just a bit older than him who have been taken to rescues as the new owners don’t want them anymore. Those are the ones whose hearts need mending and need a 2nd chance in a loving home. I think that is why I help GRWE hounds when I can.
 and sheep dog trials.
All in all a nice day out in spite of the weather. 
Can anyone tell me what happened to Summer this year?

Craft News

North Pole Village block 15 – Reindeer Barn

North Pole  Village block 16- Santa Delivering.

Details of block 16. That is all of them now. I just need to carefull cut the blocks and try to make the snow levels match one another. 

 I have already begun my next hand sewing project- felt! It feels lovely in the colder weather we’ve been having 17c.

 The Kaffe Fassett star picnic cloth is finished. I think the jellybean backing is perfect for it.

 The binding is the turquoise Plink also by Kaffe.

I took my inspiration for its colours from the lining fabric to the pink hamper. 

 I have a new item for my Dribble List.
Kaffe’s Spot On collection. Isn’t is gorgeous!

Family News

 It was Son’s 17th birthday yesterday. Daughter made him these wellies

 To go with this t shirt. His feet are too big for the proper wellies.

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