Iffley Lock to Kennington Field

 On the 20th August Lovely Husband and I went for a walk in Iffley, Oxford. The river is now outside the original city walls of Oxford so it reverts to being called the River Thames again instead of the Isis.
Lock keepers Cottage at Iffley.
The rollers so the punts don’t have to go in the lock- it would be dangerous too. So you just get out and pull the punt down to the new level.
I used to walk here nearly every day.
 So this view is so familiar. The poet Mathew Arnold wrote many poems in this area.
The bottom of the vicarage garden. I loved their lawn.
 A canal barge has just come through the lock
and met with a flock of geese.
Unusually most of them are white with blue eyes.
Under the ring road bridge -we keep walking
 then under this railway bridge
But what is this? 
These fish themed gates are new!
 Hmm applique?
 And here we are in Kennington field. The village is behind the trees on the right.
A coal barge is moored opposite.
 But it’s time to walk back
 Past teasels in flower
Past fields where we would picnic and Lovely Husband would cycle straight from work and join us.
I wonder if the old tree stump remembers us?
Here’s a bit of historical info about the lock above.
 We walk back through the village. The mill once stood where I am standing.
Past the old Manor House.

Now for a little North Pole progress.

Royal Toy Works, Candy Cane Factory, and Hats and Mittens.

 North Pole Bakery

Elves Bunkhouse

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