Eastney on Portsea Island, Makings

 There was a funny sound on our first morning at Eastney on the SE tip of Portsea Island, just east of Portsmouth on the South coast.  Starlings were having a bath patting their wings on the surfave of the deep puddle.
Eastney Beach was just a few metres away. You can see the Isle of Wight in the background.
The sea changed colour as you looked at it.
Squeak all wet! She didn’t approve of her swim.
Ex- Misistry of Defence’s Fraser Range. It is derelict now.
Look at how the bricks have been worn by the sea. It reminded me of Dali’s floppy watches.
On the very eastern tip you can see Hayling Island.
Many plants grow here which is rare for shingle. You are asked to try to avoid staning on the unique habitat.
 Squeak and I had a walk on another morning towards the west and Southsea. Just look at these gorgeous beach huts!
I want one! But what colour?
We stepped up from the beach and onto the Promenade as Squeak had had enough of walking on the nasty shifting stuff.
And just look what we saw! 
I immediately thought that some Finnish ladies had visited as I had first seen knitting in strange places on Ulla’s blog Kotkarankki
Then I saw this “Knutty Knitters”
So I think local ladies were responsible for making lots of people smile.
 Now for current happenings- JJ grew some naga chillis, so I made a very warm chilli from them. He had been waiting for months for them to grow big enough. There is enough on the plant for more chilli in the future.
It’s enough to make anyone want an ice cream!
I’ve been working on sewing these “Welcome to the North Pole” blocks
 in the evenings.
 I will show you what I was working on today
 in my next blog post.
Now a few of you know that I have a thing about hampers. This is my 1st pink and white one. It was in a sale at a lot less than half price. I couldn’t resist! It means that the camping hamper with pans in can now be just for camping, and this one can be for day trips. 
 While I was trying to get a good photo, Bungle and Squeak turned up.
A certain Squeak knows that hampers contain food. I think she is trying to sweet talk me.

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