Tour de Fibre -a finish

 This is a sculpture which has been on the go for a while now with Daughter and I. I took these photos at the various stages. Remember the storms a while back? Town had some broken twisted umbrella spokes just laying in the pedestrian area at dog eye height. Saying things about tidying up the area I grabbed them. Lovely husband gave me a few weird looks. When I had them all in my bag I explained that they would be suitable for a project Daughter and I had in mind. He rolled his eyes. LOL Anyway together with newspaper masking taped into place, we created this shape.
Modroc was then layered over the newspaper. You buy the Modroc in sheets, add  a bit of PVA glue to warm water, cut off strips of the Modroc, dip it in the water which awakens the plaster of paris in the Modroc. You hen apply in layers like papier mache.
It dried to a solid but lightweight state.
You can make the Modroc smooth but we left it rough like tree bark.
When thoroughly dried, layers of paint were applied.
Gold flecks in one paint.
Bronze brown.
 The final layer was a pale green which was polished in with a cloth and the excess removed so the underlying layers were highlighted.
 Then the tree was decorated in felt and wool leaves
 in Autumnal shades.
Leaves decorated the base.
Some branch ends had jewellery which tinkled when moved.
Others had glass leaves which jangled.
 “Fallen” leaves glued into position.
Lampwork beads at a branch end.
 The centre of the tree can be used to put things.
Daughter and I are pleased with our totem Willow Tree.
Let me share the last of the arrivals while I’ve been away. Stephanie of Loft Creations was having a clear out of stash on her blog, so I bought these 2 wonderfully bright linen blend fabrics. I once wanted a tropical themed bathroom in those colours with green lush plants and yellow walls. I think I would have to wear sunglasses in such a room. What a giggle though especially with coconut candles when you have a bath.
 Thank you so much Stephanie for the fabric and for the free pattern.  If you have never made a bag then her patterns are a great place to start. Have a look here. She puts a lot of the big published designers to shame with the amount of testing she does with her team of friends.
Lastly my 1st Spoonflower order arrived- Greyhound fabrics to make GRWE bandanas (I emailed the designer) and whatever else I can think of. They are by Jane Walker. She was selling samples in packs from her website so I ordered one of those too. I will make all I can for GRWE from them but I  think I might keep the pink Greyhound Toile for us. Aren’t they fabulous. She has an Etsy shop now too.
Now that really is all the new fabric arrivals. Honest!

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