Croston 2, Batik Quilt, House-Hunting Tips

 Sorry for the 2 week delay. I had internet problems -in the last post not all pics would load due to the bad connection, so here they are. We came into Croston on the walk. Guess how old the bridge is?
 Old Memorial Cross
Is the age of this building on the way to the church.
This school was rebuilt by subscription 1827.
The St Michael’s and All Saints Church itself was closed.(There is more histroical info and a plan.)
So I walked around it. There was a wonderful creative field around the back.
Tiles and carvings.
A play area. It was a real soul food place with the willow seed heads  drifting on the slight breeze.
I would load a movie/film but blogger isn’t allowing it. I am not liking this new system at all.
The old vicarage is now a nursing home.
Click to see the plaques and carvings.
Spring colours.
River behind the school buildings.
I think this might be a disused battery chicken shed. Free range is much better. The eggs taste good too.
The oldest pub in Croston.
Even the water pump outside was antique
Those who know me, know I suffer from porch envy. I hope if this sells that we get a new place which has a porch.
It was lovely husband’s birthday on the 16th May
I made a trifle with 3 flavour jellies, custard and squirty cream.
The batik sewn strips I shared before which were to go on the Groovy/Frog quilt, went into this quilt instead with denim scraps.
16 FQs of turquoise and teal batiks became the backing. Click to see the details.
I am extremely relieved to announce that I finished my course. Cue chilli and elderflower “champagne.”
Daughter has changed to plain Business instead of International Business. It means that she returns to Portsmouth Uni in September instead of Holland. It is the best decision for her. 
Son has an exam as I type. After that he has his last one on the 13th June. So far it has all gone “fine” and you’ll have to grab him yourself and dangle him by his ankles to get any more information. 🙂 
It is a shame that the house hasn’t sold already but we have been having viewings which is a good sign. Not so good is that many have a place to sell which still needs a buyer so they aren’t proceedable. Oh well keep everything crossed for us. 
We did a 650 mile road trip to collect Daughter from uni via Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire popping past a few houses we liked the look of on the internet. One got ruled out when we saw sand bags by the doors. I checked here and sure enough the place gets flooded. Very useful site when house hunting. Another one is about crime. Just type in the village or town name to check out an area. Another house was ruled out when we saw the size of the garden. I don’t know what lens was used for their photos, but it doubled the size!
I’ve been busy with little bits which I will share soon. First I have a lot of catching up to do with you all while I have a good internet connection.

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