Egypt 3 Kom Ombo Temple, Obelisk, Aswan Dam, Philae Temple +

For those reading for the crafts skip towards the end.

 Welcome to Kom Ombo Temple on the banks of the Nile.

 You can see our cruise ship on the right of the picture in this view from the temple.

 Royal cartouches still bearing traces of colour.

 Click to see traces of the pleats painted in the pharoah’s skirt. He is holding an ankh -symbol of eternal life.

 Like in most Egyptian temples everything is in alignment.

 Kom Ombo is dedicated to 2 gods Horus the falcon headed god symbolised above. Son of Osirus. And Sobek the crocodile god (a badie.) Crocodiles were fed and mumified here.

 This well was part of the temple and helped pharoah decide how much to tax the people based on water levels. A good year meant a good supply of water which meant more taxes.

 Enemies of pharoah couldn’t be given power in the after life by having faces so they are also depicted with bound arms.

 Look at how these coffins are shaped like royal cartouches! I had never seen anything like them. Roman statue on the right.

 This cedar wood is one of the original pieces showing how the big masonry blocks were fitted together. The wood was made wet to swell and make the join tight.

 Just look at the sunset over the Nile! The deep reds and oranges were so different from England.

 This is the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan. Obelisks had to be cut from granite (very hardwearing) in one piece and then floated by boat up and down the Nile. Aswan has pink black and grey granite quarries. 

 Panorama of the quarry. The latest thinking is that it dates from the time of Queen Hapshepsut based on an engraving.

 This is the English Dam in Aswan now known as the Low Dam built in 1902.

 First Cataract or waterfalls just by the Low Dam.

 This is the Friendship Building built by Russians for Egypt to symbolise their friendship in building the High Dam further up the Nile from the Low Dam.

 View up the Nile from the High Dam. Crocodiles are still sometimes seen here but not by me sadly.

 View down the Nile from the High Dam. You can see how it is used to generate electricity.

 But lets now go to the area which was flooded by the High Dam. Try not to catch any hawker’s eye as you hurry past to a waiting boat.

 And we’re off- you must’ve looked a little because we are in the 2nd boat. LOL

 But you can still shop here -traditional Nubian style jewellery from one man who has been invited on to sell to us.

 Here is Philae Temple. The original island is to the left of us I think. It was reassembled here thanks to UNESCO money.

 It is a beautiful island among many in the area. The water levels are higher than they were naturally.

 Ornate columns

 Cow headed Hathor goddess of motherhood and joy.

 I haven’t seen anything like these columns before.

 But look a Christian niche in a wall. You can see how they chipped all the pharonic decoration from the walls.

 A coptic cross on an altar too.

 This gives you an idea of scale. Love the view!

 This was known as Trajan’s Bed. I can see how it looks like an old fashioned 4 poster. But it is time to leave. More of Egypt Next time.

 My new mixing bowl made by Mason and Cash. They export so you might find one near you.

 My Garden is finally finished.

 Bright scraps and garden bits of fabric made the blocks.

 This is the block the boy on holiday helped with. I have sent the pics to his mother to show him.

 Below is the back.

 All made from stash, so I am very pleased.

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