Saturday’s Country Show

 This is Saturday’s Country Show. A friend has a stall so we thought we’d go allong and support the event.

 Bungle the new blue greyhound needed the experience of different breeds and animals.

 A real gypsy! I wonder if she had a crystal ball? We prefered to make our own future.

 Newfoundlands pulling beautifully decorated carts.

 They seemed to enjoy the job. Our lazy 3 greyhounds looked horrified.

 Bungle didn’t quite know what we had in mind for him when he saw this. I think he was wondering if all the experience of kissing gates (link to his blog) was just a run up to doing agility. LOL

 So many stalls around the 2 rings.

 I did find an ideal car for me! It was decorated in coffee beans and wasn’t a lot bigger than a bike so I should be able to park it without a crane. Hmm no room for hounds though so they’d have to run to keep up.

 “No she can’t be serious can she?”

 Here’s our friend’s stall full of doggy bits.

 Fancy a proper long bow all of your own. Prices started at £150 all hand traditionally crafted.

 There was a falconry display. Kestrel

 Barn Owl

 Not sure

 European Eagle Owl.

 Native American inspired stall.

 Ferrets- cue trouser leg jokes. LOL

 A man in one of the rings was displaying retrieval for gun dogs.

 These 3 were waiting excitedly to join in.

 Fluff entered the Veteran Dog competition, snogged the judge

 and came out with a 1st. Bungle will tell you how he did here on his blog.

If you don’t like snakes and reptiles look away now for 4 pics.

 Silky soft coral snake.

 Children were allowed to handle some snakes.


 Tortoise and snake. I think it’s good that there are these opportunities for children as many parents don’t know about exotic pets so children don’t get to know them any other way.

You can look again.

 Kestrel in flight to right of pic with the falconer in the front of the pic.

 It was a very windy day

 And soon a lot of the birds were high up getting their bearings before coming down. Others rested in the trees for an hour or so.

 Sheep were there in small numbers to demonstrate sheep herding.

 Geese were herded too.

 Book stall

 Horses demonstrating how they are still used to take wood out of areas where machinery still can’t reach.

 Climbing wall.

 At the end of the day all 1sts gathered in the ring to find out who would be 1st over all.

 It went to the pair of beautifully tailed rotweilers who beat Bungle in his class.

There might’ve been just a few comments about how he ought to have stood elsewhere being a grey-blue colour. He took the jokes in good heart though and snuggled against each of us for a hug. Anyone would think that Bungle wanted comisserating with. Daft lad!

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