Minster Lovell 1 and lovely makings

 Minster Lovell Church -St Kenelms

 You go through this gateway to get to the ruins.

 You pass the Manor House on your left as you go through the graveyard. The walls looked suspicious to me.

 Can you see the archway preserved in the wall?

 Or the quoining (? spelling) around and below the window? Now here’s something I never knew- this house has Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) connections- it was his childhood home.  The family recently sold it. Here is the sales brochure with some pics of the grounds.

 Other walls are easier to work out. This gateway is clearly blocked up to make a boundary for the graveyard.

 If we walk over this cobbled path

 we come to an information board. This shows how the Minster looked from the other side in its heyday.

 pics should enlarge

 This is what you see today.

 and how is marries up to the plan.

 Lets have a wander. I hope you’ve dressed warmly. 🙂

 Through the archway into the main hall.

 Looking back.

 Zoom in looking back.

 View from the Hall to the River Windrush.

 The small holes in the brickwork were for beams to slot in.

 I wonder if the ochre plaster is original or there to help preserve the building?

 As a kid I swore that if I became a millionaire I would rebuild this place.

 I loved it. My Mum’s Mum would issue all of us with margarine tubs, plastic containers whatever was to hand and we would walk from Witney along the river collecting blackberries.

 The sun always shone and there were always cheese and pickle sandwiches.

 This is my fav wall/room. Not a lot of it is standing but you can see the arches spreading the weight of the masonry above the fireplace in 3 arches. This is the room under the solar in the plan.

 Corner of the NW Building. You can just imagine the Medieval stained glass in the window.

 The main hall from the outside.

 Near the River Windrush is the SW Tower it is late C15th so a little younger than the hall..

 It must have looked so magnificent. Part 2 is next time. I have sorted the photos so you wont have long to wait. In the mean time there are more here.

 Now gos here just look at these gorgeousnesse I found in Japan!  The web site was in English and they were so quick to post.

 The old rainbow dotty teapot had finally come to the end of it’s life. It bubbled when you added water as it had become so cracked and leaky. So what was a girl to do but buy a half price one in Whittard in Portsmouth. A couple of matching cups just might’ve found there way into the bag with the teapot…just to keep it company of course for the long journey back here.. Ahem… I promise to come up with a better excuse next time.

 Some of you already know about my new baby. Whirlpool 8041 takes 8kgs of washing and rates an A in water and energy. My last one was ok for rodeo practice, but in the end it even refused to start. It had been going for donkeys years though. I am so impressed with this new quiet machine. It will even handle duvets!

 Oh yes the dotty photo. Daughter’s uni pile is growing. There wont be any mistaking what things belong to her. LOL

 I had an idea inspired by her things.

 To cut down on space in what will be a shared student kitchen, I made her a bag for her cutlery, so she could have just one set in a drawer, and the rest tidy in her room.

 I did a little blobby circle at the ribbon ends to make it look neater.

 Pull the string closed and there you are- good for picnics too. I can’t see that getting lost in the grass! 🙂

 Remember the book I showed you a while ago by Veronique Requena of Born to Quilt? Well I finally did it my very own French sewing machine cover. It was harder to do than I imagined not because the book is in French but because the pattern needed enlarging 200%. Had just a window and a door been full size on the pattern sheet I’d have been fine. Oh you would have laughed seeing me fiddling around and praying to the God of photocopiers to “please please get the whole of a window on this sheet.” Oh yes I really am that much of a div when it comes to tech stuff. Where so many patterns overlaid one another it was hard to read too.

Ok whinge over. I made mine a little differently to the original. Stuffing is expensive since Dunelm Mill raised the price for a 1kg sack by £2 overnight to £6.99, so instead I used card throughout the roof instead of stuffing it. I also didn’t want to do a lot of handsewing, so I made it up differently all by machine until the final binding edge at the bottom. I am really pleased with it. It tidies up the naked sewing machine really well. What do your sewing machine covers look like? I could imagine making this again but with more of a Summerhouse feel with lots of plants over wooden walls.

I have made more things but I can’t show you yet until they have arrived. Life is getting back to normal so I should be visiting properly again soon.

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