A few more bits

The stripey knitting was a cropped jacket for a 6-12m old to wear with one of those puffy out dresses with lots of twirl.
This is 3 hours early but I’m sure Deb and Darlene wont mind in New Zealand as they are ahead of me time wise. This is Lynette Anderson’s Pond House Block 6 in position.
Now you can see the centre panel is complete for the quilt. I love these bright batiks.
I had to go a bit tasteful now as these were gifts. Scented mat for hot dishes made from strings.
The strings were left overs of the lining
and appliques
of another hot pot mat
and a bag dispenser. I only just remembered to take a photo as I was about to wrap them.
And the backs of the mats.
I made myself a bag dispenser for my newly red and white kitchen. A vintage buckle made a good hanger.
It looks really good against the white kitchen wall now.
This is what I’ve been working on today- not yet finished. Got the veins on the leaves though.

Son came back from his school trip to Amsterdam today- Anne Frank’s House and Arnhem- the concentration camp and war cemetery. Highlights included losing his boarding pass on the ferry within minutes of being given it. This had his prepaid meals on. His friends were getting him food but a teacher spotted it and sorted it all out. He took my camera but only took 8 yes only 8 photos! And get this- all 8 were of his room in the ferry on the way there. Mmmm trip to Holland and no photos of Holland! Then as he was unpacking he realised he had left our gifts under his bed in Arnhem. I’ve contacted the Stayokay and they are looking into it for me. Honestly that boy could forget his shadow! I then looked through his suitcase and saw that 2 pairs of linen shorts were unworn so he’s been wearing his jeans all the time! Boys!

It is good to have him back home though.

Already I am missing Wallander on TV. The week isn’t the same without him. Summer seems to be a bad time for TV programmes which is a shame on a wet day. What do you like watching on TV?

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