Doings, walk in the park.

I found this freebie design on a site full of felt freebie appliques.
Here is block 3 of Christmas Story which I am making with Lynn and Shiree.
Christmas Pudding
These are the 4th block of Night Before Christmas.
“In the hope that St Nicholas soon would be there”
These have arrived here More finishes to share next time.
Now I will share my Mother’s Day walk on Sunday in Hesketh Park.
I loved the sun shining through the crocus petals.
The rose garden is so bare though. I love being here in June/July when the roses are out and filling the air with their scent.
For now though I am grateful to see these crocus flowers after such a long Winter.
Great banks of them to cheer my eye and of any other Mother on Mother’s Day. I think we do the most important job of all.
It was a beautiful day. We walked round the lake and the outer circle of the park.
Have a closer look at the fountain.

While I stood there the fountain came on. I had to take another pic.
On the lake were the usual crowd: Canadian Geese, Geese, Ducks and Muscovy Ducks.
This though was a new face (or should that be beak?) a Great Cormorant. It was the first time I had been so close to one. What a privilege!
The man made waterfall was on too.
A flock of pigeons circled me, so I took a pic and thought of you Annie and how you like the patterns of birds in flight too.
Definite signs of Spring.
Although it was only 10C 50F.
Normally there is a daffodil show at this time of year but there were only half the number of flowers this year. The clump above shows the problem and that was the most advanced ones I saw all day.
Of course there were some of us who didn’t walk at all but skated with their hound. I liked admiring the Victorian houses which surround the park.

Next time more crafts to share.

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