Pond 2, Paprika Chicken, Oxford

2 of the hounds dozing together.
I had the budgie on my shoulder sewing this. His cage was being cleaned out at the time.
All the cutting is done for Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas BOM. I think I have a nasty disease called BOMitis. I am making 6 this year! Is there a cure?
These will be cut today for a special project.
And here is my progress on Pond House another Lynette Anderson BOM. Deb and Darlene are making it too at the same time. Block 3 will fit either side of the house next month. I am making it inspired by Monet’s house and garden.
Where the colours were so vibrant in the sunshine.
“Giverny” sewed on the heart.
And the house itself. Pink with green shutters just like the real one.

Now the last visit to Oxfordshire.
Hungarian Schnapps
Hungarian Paprika Chicken
Fry one chopped medium onion on lowish heat to make them glassy rather then brown (if making for 4) or a large onion if making for more.

Add two large teaspoons paprica power and fry on low heat add pepper slices (if available if not then omit) and then add skinned chichen bits, turn the chichen so all the flesh turns white and is coated with the paprika power, inbetween keep lid on sauce pan.

Now add fresh tomatoes in summer or tinned tomatoes in winter (whichever is cheapest) the fluid from the chicken should have seeped out and be surrounding the chicken.

Put lid on pan on low heat for another 15 mins or so and then take off and add water to just cover the chicken.

Replace lid and cook till chicken is tender about an hour in all.

Finally add one table spoon of sour cream to the sause and serve. Put the rest of the sour cream on the table.

Serve with boiled potatoes or rice or small dumplings.
I feel another table runner inspiration coming on. 🙂
Daughter will now take you around the Covered Market of Oxford as she has borrowed the camera and is in town with a friend.
All the shops are listed in the link. There used to be a shop which sold huge travelling trunks. I liked to imagine that some would go off for adventures in “Timbucktoo in Darkest Africa” as the old Eagle Annuals used to call it. I still like trunks. 🙂 Do you think this is where my hamper fascination began?
At Christmas goose, deer, boar, and lots of the more unusual meats can been seen hung ready to sell just as if you were in Dickensian times. There is nothing like choosing your most special meal of the year this way rather than the supermarket way where every anonymous turkey could be a small goose as they are all wrapped in plastic.
I can almost smell those hyacinths in the silver buckets. Very interesting bicycle plant stand.
There are cafes above some of the shops. Just imagine all your hand picked Christmas shopping in bags at your feet as you order a cake and a hot choc to keep you going.
The shops are arranged into 4 Avenues but you can walk between the avenues. It’s a good place to shop when the weather is wet and blustery. Just add a group of carol singers and the Christmas atmosphere is complete.
To the side of the covered market are more shops from different periods.
This alleyway goes from the Covered Market to Carfax (the old centre of Oxford where the Anglo Saxon burgh town road’s met in a cross roads).
Oxford is full of little alleyways like this.
Above modern shop fronts you can see the older parts of the buildings in town.
View towards Carfax.
Oxford Town Hall virtual tour in link. Zoom out when you view the rooms for maximum effect. The main hall is very beautiful. I was part of an all schools in Oxfordshire country dancing day there. I loved the beautiful ceiling. Just imagine the Christmas parties there through the years.

And that ends my stay back home.

Do you remember me telling you about some secret buried shops in Southport? I have found some pics of them. I’ll try to show some “then and nows” next time and of course what I have managed to make.

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