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Here is my 2nd Block of Gail Pan’s Busy Little Christmas Elves BOM which I am making with Suzie and Simone for encouragement. Next one will be shared on the 2nd of April.
This morning I woke up to crunchy frosted grass and ice in puddles.
Yesterday Winter threw handfulls of hailstones down. I wasn’t impressed. It feels almost like Narnia here- where it has been Winter forever.
But my garden is waking for Spring- see the little primula behind these dwarf irises? Gorgeous velvety purple. 🙂 So Winter your time is up you are lingering like a nasty smell in a perfume factory. Go away! You may return in November and I will be happy to see you then.
Inside I have another string finish for Stephanie’s String Challenge. A Spring quilt. I’ve had the fabrics for about a year- offcuts which Messy Karen was giving away in a sort out.
I tried to use them as efficiently as possible with a stash fleece in the middle and a stash floral backing. The binding was made from a FQ Karen included with the offcuts. I love it! I now have a real Spring quilt to hand sew under on these cold evenings. It is also a useful size to come on adventures over the Summer. 🙂
Of course there were some left overs which I couldn’t waste. These cup mats need to be bound one evening while I sit under the Spring String Quilt.
Warm and Natural offcuts went into the middle and the turquoise backing is from stash.
Now let me share the 3rd String project of this post. These are the pockets in the lining.
One side
The other side.
It has a circular base. You can see the top of the pocket peeping out.
I didn’t have a rivet making gismo so I made a casing for the string. Not a bad little rainbow duffelbag for the Summer on the beach.
Now I am faced with ironing this little lot of fabric for another project. Slowly I am getting through stash.

Sorry this isn’t Wood Green -what you were expecting. I have been pushed for time so I haven’t been able to match the house to the Thrush Green characters yet. I haven’t been idle though. 🙂

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