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Remember me saying how Simone and I were making a table runner for each of the seasons? Well this was a free on-line pattern we picked for Winter. The little one I showed before was made from the offcuts from this one. She will show hers this weekend too. Follow link.
The star fabric was a charm pack called tiny tidings. It is backed in candy canes.
I forgot to show you this- back
French Rose details. I blanket stitched them instead of just sewing round and allowing to fray -how it is suggested for a shabby chic look.
I had a go at graduating the tones so the roses look more real.
And da-dar! Or should that be voila?
Yes you are right Karen -I got such a happy thrill seeing this job done and all my spices back in place. It looks lovely when I go in the kitchen instead of -“must add that to my to do list when I have a moment”.
This was another “must add” -the airing cupboard all refolded and tidy. It looked like it had suffered a bear raid!
The next lot are a project daughter helped on as I pulled a muscle in my back. She did some of the pinning cutting and lugging of the denim offcuts. It felt so good to stash bust.
A half metre was fine to line the bodice of this black denim one.
We were trying not to waste any fabric so this one’s skirt was cut into 4 sections instead of 2.
We weren’t totally happy with the fit but with a wide belt daughter liked it. I like her pink Dr Martins but they wont fit me. I have her lilac ones with snow flakes on which she outgrew so I will be content with them.
Blue denim lined in blue. We look the lessons learned from the first one and increased the shaping with this one.
And added extra pleats.
This black one had slightly different shaping but we were happy with it.
Here it is on her when she got back from school today. She’d fallen off her bike on the way this morning hitting her head. She was determined to stay though even with a headache. I am glad she is back home now- just in case.
We lined it in black and blue homespun.
Here they are lined up ready to put in her wardrobe.
These are what I am currently working on:
Socks for me from the yarn Stephanie sent,
Christmas Story block A ,
Night Before Christmas Block 1.

I am taking no chances this year with giving the family Christmas Quilts. 🙂

I have also signed up to Lynn’s PIF as I’m not doing the monthly RAKs this year. Could I have 3 volunteers to receive something from me within a year?

Here are the rules pasted from Lynn’s blog:

•Three people will be chosen to participate when they leave a comment on this post asking to join (I’ll obviously choose the first three)
•You then agree to post a similar announcement to this on your blog, asking three more people to join in, etc
•You will create a hand-made item for your three people sometime over the next 12 months.

So any takers or are you all up to your eyes in sewing?

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