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Bow6 “Believe” from a free BOM by Gail Pan. Simone, Lynn Karen and I are making it as a block of the week. This is number 6 of 9.
This is my progress on Cheryl Goss’s Verandah Views. Her design said to border these in pink and blue but I did it a little differently in all 4 of the colours so I could finish the frames for the stitcheries in matching colours. Just another border round this to go.
Daughter bought an ipod with her birthday money. She couldn’t find a case to protect it that she liked, so together we came up with this to match a bag we made before shaped like a strawberry. The bag is in the red dot cotton like above with a green cotton strap and flap over lid with zig zags. The green gingham loop is so she can attach it to the bag like a mini strawberry runner coming off the main plant.
The other side is felt with heart and tiny white buttons .
It is padded like a quilt and the lining is red gingham again like the bag.
Son has been ill so I’ve sat sewing a bit with him watching TV.
So the final Sue Spargo hand sewn block is finished. 🙂
I like it when I can see progress especially as I want to start making Christmas presents so I want the decks clear.
This just needs a plain outer border now backing and sewing together.
Let me take you back again to Martin Mere- yes it is a lot like Slimbridge near where I grew up Gina. This is Whizzy the Beaver.
He is the 1st beaver I have ever seen. I was expecting them to be otter sized but he was huge like an obese cat. He’s only a teenager. He’s being hand reared with physio too as he was attacked by one of the other beavers. This has led to him having an unusual walk and weak back legs, but he is lucky to be alive.

Here is the video I took as he was put into the enclosure for some exercise.

Now this eider duck was my favourite out of all the ducks I am about to share. We stood chatting for quite a while. 🙂 She was very patient with me and tranquil.
Now for the last of my duck pics- they give me ideas for colour schemes or textures for crafts.
Please sit back and enjoy these ducks from all over the world.

I played with black and white

Duck in sepia
Same duck in colour.

Are you thinking swirly quilting too looking at her breast?
Mariner’s Compass?
Polka dots
Ooo that blue with the rust!
Lovely effect with tonals.
Or bold black and whites.
Fantastic detailing.
Love it!
and the female.
And as for these- just look at those lovely colours!

I hope I’ve given you a little Autumn inspiration.

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