BOW 5 Peace, Folklore, Night Pics

My latest BOW from Gail Pan’s Christmas Wish free pattern. I’m doing it with Simone, Karen and Lynn.

You have no idea how many times these blocks had to come out in a hurry when I was working on the felt strawberry pic for daughter’s birthday. I had to hurriedly sit on her present and take up one of these blocks. I’m feeling a little ahead with them now. 🙂 And yes I did by some miracle avoid getting the needle in my backside. LOL
Simone sent me some gorgeous coloured felt. I think she knew from the below project how much I enjoy working with wool and felt. She was also so kind and sent me orange pumpkins and a broom. The way my back has been these last few days I think I ought to learn to ride one for the season. LOL Thank you so much Simone for your generosity you are bound to see them in future projects. 🙂
Now let me show you the progress on a current project- Folklore by Sue Spargo. Link in sidebar to her blog. We’ll go across the bottom.
Cotton, wool and felt houses and trees.
From left to right.
Mainly blanket stitched by hand. A little Kaffe Fassett cotton.
Now down a side. All 4 corner blocks are done.
Triangles and flowers.
from blue to green in graduated colours.
So this is the sewn progress so far. I am working on the next side piece at the moment.
Now let me take you for a night walk.
The Victorian fan lighting looks so beautiful and usually goes unnoticed by day.
The Carousel Horses is all lit up. Do you remember the magic of childhood where these were the things that filled your dreams after the fair had visited?
Did you want to ride your own magical horse to the lands that Enid Blyton wrote about?
I hope we can all keep a little of that magic in us still.

Marine Bridge looking magestic against the dark sky.
The new complex by The Floral Hall.
Cafe sign. I thought of Stephanie of Loft Creations and the tea swap when I saw this.
I wondered a little about the person who lined their window with these folded up aluminium sheets. Do you think they had a tin foil hat to match so aliens couldn’t read their thoughts? All joking aside I liked the way the textures looked by lamplight.
This pub is called “The Guesthouse” it looked so like a jigsaw puzzle picture of a toy shop at Christmas that I had to take this shot.
There was almost a spooky glow to this sign in its strong colours.
Under seat lighting.
And back to Cafe Nero again.
The BHS building opposite was lit so you could see the detail of the Victorian windows stonework and iron railing. Next time I will share Martin Mere and hopefully better progress with my sewing now I’m up and about again.

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