Gifts and Part 3

These gorgeous badges came in the post from the Liverpool artist Lynn Fraser. They are a new venture for her and a wonderful new way to display her art. I am lucky enough to have some of her work and it is her you have to thank for the Jellybean Angel name. Have a look for yourself and see the wide variety of styles she can paint in.
Her brand new Etsy shop is open for business. Please welcome her.
Or check out Folksy.
There is also her website where you can contact her.

These are the Jellybean Angel paintings Lynn Fraser made, hanging on the wall of my bedroom. For a better look at them check out the Japanese Girls set of Lynn’s Flickr site
The wonderful Stephanie sent me these gorgeous Crow and Autumn patterns and fabric. She knows it is my fav season and I am a little partial to the corvid/crow family of birds. 🙂 Ok love them a lot. LOL Thank you Stephanie it was so generous of you. I hope you are enjoying your hols back home.
Now at last I can reveal a little of my makings now it has arrived. In return for the gorgeous bowl Annie Coe made (see previous blog) I made her a shopping bag. You can see it on her blog being used.

I chose a fabric with pottery on as it was just right for her. I kept seeing parallels with her choice of colours and the Greek island of Rhodes. There is a pottery in Illyasos, the the ocean colours- I added some waves fabric, and circles like in her art which were also like the olives. Every fabric had to be just right for this bag so auditions were long before I woke up just knowing what to do and how to use Rhodes and Annie and her work as an inspiration.
I decorated a couple of teatowels which were just the right colour. Here they are pictured against the linign of the bag.
I did a little special touch and added cats (as Annie has some and they are loved by the islanders) and her initial on each of the pockets. “C”
Back to Liverpool.
we’ll go off the main streets and down some back roads to a place I love.
This old warehouse is now flats
A house opposite had this gorgeous rose.
This building is probably what the above building looked like.
The pulley is still in place for hauling the good up the floors.
I think it will look good with balconies when it is redeveloped. So much of Liverpool seems to be reinventing itself. You can see a lovely well preserved building, yet in the same street a totally derelict one.
This redevelopment was so striking.
But we are getting closer to our new destination.
It is a place of such contrasts. I did wonder how the graffiti carried on over so many surfaces to such a height.
You round the corner and see this. It is the largest Chinese arch outside China. There is a thriving Chinese population in Liverpool thanks to the historical trading links with the country. Lots of info here.
The detailing is exquisite. Dragons and phoenixes. (Oh I do like those too.) You can read more here.
No sharp corners to be a dagger/threat to a neighbouring property according to Feng Suei.
The dragons are on cut work so when you look up you can see them “flying” against the real sky.
I don’t know what the symbols mean but I think they mean good things.
The other side looking away from Chinatown.
When the sun came out I saw more dragons in the detail.
These rich colours are so inspiring. Can you imagine a silk quilt made from them so the fabric shimmers and some gold thread in the detailing?
The classical building next to the arch looks so plain in comparisson with the exuberant colour even though it has things like Corinthian inspired columns and a nod to the metope and triglyph of Greek architecture.
This is one of a pair of guardians of the gate. He definately has a “don’t mess with me” expression.
These tiles decorate one of the restaurants.
Another one of a pair of guardians- he guards a restaurant. I have 2 dragons by my front door but they arenn’t a pair. It was purely by accident at first where I wasn’t sure where they should go, but somehow we got used to them being there, so there they stayed. 🙂
Dragons in the air.
Dragons supporting the lamp.
Dragons wrapped around the lamp posts.
Smart red doors are good feng suei and are meant to give positive energy to the business.
There are many restaurants down the road.
We though are off up the hill.
One last look at the arch.

News here
Another person showed up here today who lives in the same close as Lovely Husband’s mother. He is a good man but I thought it was time people started knowing what was really happening. So I told him a potted version of the last 3 1/2 years of pressure and bullying and how Mother in Law has been recruiting innocent people to put pressure on my husband so she can regain her power over him. We think she has NPD. He was shocked by what he was hearing. I am hoping that now someone in her town knows that she is using a lot of people by asking them to email, write, phone and even come over, that it adds up to harassment and the police are now involved so they will be less eager to obey her wishes. We just want a quiet life.

The good news is that we have chosen an estate agent today after 2 visited. The 3rd couldn’t make it until the 1st July! We thought that if that was the case then they must be too short staffed to be able to cope with selling our house so they would expect us to show people around. We aren’t sales people so it wouldn’t be ideal.

Sorry I’m not up to date with my emails. I was up at 5am cleaning and tidying instead, for the estate agent visits. I think that I am up to date with my blogroll. If you are missing from it please let me know. This automatic update thingy is new to me.

Thanks for popping in.

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