5/24 Daily December

Hallway decorations.

Opal colours in the sky looking towards Winter Hill.

Now back to Ludlow Castle.
Inner bailey entrance.

Music and some dancing in here.
I think scenes like this one haven’t changed much through history- you can see how 700 years ago this castle would’ve been the hub of activity and almost a village within itself. Many towns grew up outside castle walls because of the trade needed by a castle.
Musician on stilts.
Buy your own wooden weapons.

A falconer’s display.
Lanner Peregrine hybrid
Peregrine Falcon- they can dive on a wing tip and hurtle down more or less vertically- a beautiful and thankfully protected bird in the UK.

European Eagle Owl- my Dad had a big girl called Biggles. When their eyes are open they are the most amazing orange colour. Because of their weight they aren’t usually trained to come to the glove, but to a bow shaped perch.
There were a few leather goods stalls selling bags like this man’s. He is holding 2 ferrets. One is white and the other has a polecat colouring. So soft.

A storyteller-lots of people were crowded round.
Children could try on mini armour to get a feeling of what it was to be a real knight.
The adventureous tried archery.
Lastly for today we’re going up these ramshackle steps and tomorrow exploring the northern range of buildings- even the upstairs.

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I finally got a decent amount of crafting done last night. I had that creeping sensation of getting all behind again. Sorry not uploaded pics yet. I hope you are all getting through your lists. I’ll pop in and catch up with you.

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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