Noel the Turkey, My Kingdom

Noel the turkey, made from a pattern by The Plum Patch he is the first project to be completed in my new craft room.
You are now invited to visit my new kingdom.
Come on in Father Time is propping the door open.
We’ll go anti-clockwise around the room. One of the old treadle machines; a “Helmer” drawer set on wheels from Ikea which can follow me around the room- will be filled with things like scissors, thread paper etc; the sewing cabinet for the Bernina (in for repair at the mo.); cutting dsek with chair. On the wall are a couple of wire shelves and a lilac themed inspiration board from my old craft space.
Close up of drawers.
Turkey ready to be cut on the cutting desk. My theory was that big quilts could rest on the cutting desk while being sewn on the Bernina when she comes back.
Machine plonked on the cutting desk waiting for a home. Curtains are Laura Ashley “Freshford” in Pumpkin with goblet pleated pelmets. I made them years ago. Island desk is a lightbox/drawing table. It can be flat or tilted like shown. The “Kvart” light, “Vika Artur” trestle legs, and “Vika Blecket” top, all came from Ikea. A kind friend showed this to me in her craft room and it seemed so ideal especially for my back.

Fortunately hubby agreed and we made our 1st trip to Ikea in about 4 ish years. We got there before it opened to avoid crowds got the big things we wanted and loaded the car, then we went around the upstairs showroom part for the little things like the light and a few smelly candles. I chose the ones which smelled of Christmas for in here.
I found a home for the Toyota sewing machine.
The wardrobe cupboards are lit inside as they are about 3ft deep. The bench part for the sewing machine is less deep because of the old chimney breast which these cupboards are built around.
Top left just below the border paper is a rod with clips so I can hang a quilt above the storage box seat. There is another one above the treadle sewing machine.
Lots of lighting built in here as well as inside the cupboards.

I have a little TV and DVD player for the moment. I was listening to “The Amazing Mr Blunden” while sewing Noel the turkey last night. Love this film at this time of year. It’s about 2 children who go back in time to help 2 other children and an old man with wonderful results. I read the book years ago called “The Ghosts” by Antonia Barber. I think the film is close to the book, unlike “Portrait of Jennie”. Finally this week I found a 2nd hand copy of Robert Nathan’s book so I can have the real ending instead of the Hollywood ending. It probably suited the time that it was made (1948) where people were getting on with life and moving on with their lives instead of grieving what they had lost in the war.
Close up of drawing desk. I think for very big pieces of fabric, it will double as a cutting bench.
Overlocker, fabric storage/seat box on wheels, and shelves.
The door is just to the left of the pic. So that’s it- the room I’ll be spending most of my time in once I have dealt with the thick cloud of sanding dust that has settled over the rest of the house. Somehow it looks like Miss Faversham’s (Great Expectations by Charles Dickens) wedding table with cobwebs dust and debris in the rest of the house, while all my time has been spent on this one room. LOL

I was toying with the idea of painting this room in that shade of blue from Nanny Mc Fee (Nurse Matilda book) -you know the one? But for now I am grateful just to be able to get in and start to craft properly after 2 1/2 months of being camped out all over the house with bits piled up everywhere. Sneeze and you could well have been hit in the head by something. Yes it really has been that bad. 🙂

I’d love to see your craft spaces too. What works for you? I’m sure things will change in here as I improve things and see what isn’t working as well as it could. I hope you enjoyed the visit. I’ll pop in and see you all once I’ve cleared the marks from the lounge carpet- I swear the 4 riders of the apocalypse have been riding in there again. I’m told it’s just the hounds but I’m not so sure. Ah well steam clean my face and carpet time. 🙂 The most regular facial I get. LOL

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