He’s back and so is the rain

I sewed the ribs for these leaves while at the hospital, and then sewed them together.
Son’s 13th birthday was yesterday. He woke up in the hospital. We were lucky that they were able to operate at our local one. When he was admitted on the 2nd there was talk that night of transfering him to Alderhey Children’s Hospital down in Liverpool. After being taught by the physios how to use crutches, he brought him home last night.
He was happy to be opening his presents honest!
Mary Mary Quite Contrary pic by C. Folkard. Well the garden of England has been growing round here.
Wheat stalks cut and turned in the sun. Crows looking for wheat the farmer missed.
Wheat straw bales ready to be brought in.
Wheat ready to harvest
Field with a farmhouse ruin in a neighbouring field.
The clouds started rolling in in the afternoon.
They got thicker very quickly.
Then it poured down. We went home and came across tractor after tractor of farmers hurrying to get what they could in. So many fields though had been cut but were drenched through.
The canal on the way home.
I still need to pass on the awards and visit you all. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Son appreciated them. I’ve no idea how many stitches he’s had as it was all covered over after the operation, but it was a serious cut to the bone so he had a lot of meds to prevent a bone infection developing.

Thank you all for being so supportive. It meant a lot to us all at such a frightening time. It was my 1st trip in an ambulance and hopefully my last. Thank you.

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