Odds and found things

Spring flowers -my tin of birthday cards.
Tuna and garlic dog cake and cheese nibbles for Angel’s party this evening. The 3 hounds have been like Bisto kids lurking in the kitchen doorway. (They aren’t allowed in the kitchen).
Dog cuisine sites:


Woof Nanny was asking if I had read “Beautiful Joe” I knew it was somewhere, so the weekend was taken up opening and unpacking boxes I had totally forgotten about. They should’ve been unpacked over a year ago but I was too upset about the house sale falling through on the day of “exchange of contracts” (buyer hadn’t mentioned she had a house to sell with no buyer forit) to do anything with them.

We’d gradually been unpacking a box every now and then and I thought all books had been done. You DO NOT want to see the pics of the chaos of the weekend! 3 boxes of books were in the leaky cellar (was cross that they had even been put there) but fortunately only 2 were a bit mouldy on their covers. Her reminding me, saved more books from being damaged so I’m very grateful.

This was in one box. The first quilt I ever made back when we lived in the middle of nowhere in Wales.
All non rotary cut as I didn’t know such things existed. I ended up hand quilting it as the machine dragged the fabric. (Where I tried could do with unpicking still). It has wadding as a filler and a cotton back. The fabrics are my C-1980s clothes- Laura Ashley, Rose and Hubble, Liberty and a scrap of 1950s horse print. The background on the centre panel was a pair of dungarees so worn and sun faded from working in the acreage we owned back then. All the white was from an old sheet. The back is an old sheet edge with a couple of floral strips. All recycled stuff bar the wadding.

I love this house near Hesketh Park!
Park primroses and a formium.
Another interesting house with crocuses in the grassy bank.
Love the tree’s haircut! This is the sunken rose garden with new top mulch on the beds. This is my favourite part of the park in the summer because of the smells- rose is my all-time favourite smell.
More crocuses with daffodil’s peeping.
I loved this riot of colourful primroses.
Angel and Precious smelling delicious hands from cooking.
I tried to get Angel’s smile but the old bag moved! She greets me by pulling her top lip up (a bit like a snarl) and butts my cheek. I think she learned this from watching us humans so copied.
Thanks to Amy plugging these, I am now the proud owner of a nest helper from Nature nut on Etsy. It is filled with hampster fibre bedding in the garden at the moment (fairly waterproof). I have another wrapped for a friend too. Such a charming way we can help our feathered friends.
My big news is that I finished the sequel! I promise to get back to some serious crafting now I’ve got that out of my system for a bit. I’ve shown myself that I can do it and writing over 60,000 words for the 1st book wasn’t a “once off” and I can try it again any time I want.

My brain is in overdrive with more ideas than I can make even if I give up drinking coffee and sleeping. (Will never happen). I’ll try to share my notes if they come out on the camera. One idea which particularly appeals is re-using tin cans. Now stop laughing and I might really make them for you all to see and have a go at yourselves.

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