Hamster, beach, boards, bags.

Apologies for not updating- the flu turned into pneumonia. Got antibiotics now so am recovering.
Our hamster Crystal died aged 3. This little girl is called Moppet. She is 5-6 weeks old and very skittish.
I made these fully lined boats to go on the beach themed bag to hold a soap each. Unfortunately they looked all wrong (too big?) on the bag so they’ve become a wallhanging. The sails are stiffened so don’t fall down.
A fully lined sandcastle tissue holder which did make it to the bag.
Bedroom bin in the same 10 fabrics as the inspiration board. The shiring elastic broke as I was running it through the top. I improvised and forced a ribbon through the narrow channel. Must fiddle with the fabric to get it looking better. Made in the same way as I was shown at Patched Pumpkin with the basket above.
My long awaited inspiration board. Fabrics include: Laurel Burch’s dragonflies, some butterflies, Michael Millar’s Holly in 2 colourways, 3 Henry Glass’s Cottage Rose, Ro Gregg’s Tulip.
Lilac floral bag which needs lining.
Red floral bag which needs lining.
Laura’s board with a feather theme. She drew the feathers on the blue faux duede in biro. The other 2 feathers are the decoration on patch pockets (left overs from the “box of air”!). The board is an old sun faded cork one covered in cotton fabric.

Off to sit quietly and knit before I’m told off for not taking it easy.

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