"Box of Air" Sewing Organiser Finished!

I asked my darling husband to hammer a few nails into a peice of fabric covered wood so the organiser would have somewhere to store cotton reels. (Yep I do very primitive. 🙂 ) Husband thought they would be too sharp, so said he would hunt down an alternative. Well last night he gave me a plastic box with removable dividers, so this morning I worked around it and a plastic organiser for tiny bits like buttons, and finished the top layer. Because of the size of the boxes, the top layer couldn’t have sides, so it is a platform in the feather fabric, with sewn in ribbons to each side which act as a lifting handle as well as keeping the plastic boxes in place.

I’m so pleased to have finished it in plenty of time as I hate leaving things till the last minute. It is top secret still as I’ve managed to only work on it when our daughter Laura has been out. I’ll let you know what she thinks on her birthday.

Talking of Laura- she made a doll last night based on a Goth friend’s drawing of a vampire wolf. I’m so amazed by her creativity and imagination. The friend can’t sew so wanted Laura to make it for her. I wish I had a photo. 🙁

I’m glad I managed to do some crating today- the day began with Precious (one of the hounds) bounding upstairs complete with muddy paws and jumping on me in bed. The bed linen is in the machine at the moment, and I’m ignoring the carpets until they have dried. There are times I wish everywhere was stripped wood or tiled. 🙂 I love pine wood and white.

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