Frippery on hols

I knitted these little bits mainly on the banks of Lake Coniston. The weather forecast changed so we made a quick decision to go up for a few days. The children hadn’t had a summer holiday due to bad weather constantly delaying it. Unfortunately as it had rained for days before we got there the ground was very boggy. The result was this morning I had a pile of laundry you’d need to be a pole vaulter to get across littering the hallway. I’m currently down to long jump. Rain forecast again for tomorrow. YUK! Everything will just have to go on radiators to dry.

Anyway the above bits will be added to the teddy picnic and the bone and turquoise “crockery” is to go with Ainsdale bear, and the pink to go with Linnet. I think I now have 2 of most things like cream horns, doughnuts, choc cake, sponge cake, jam tart, swiss roll and a pile of sandwiches of assorted flavours. At the back of the picture is an un-put together bear made from scraps of wools.

Tomorrow’s plan is for our 1st doll- a Trick or Treat Witch and if there’s time between feeding the washing machine, the bags and bits for the Halloween Tree. My daughter is looking foreward to it and we have the fabrics all laid out and calico tea stained.

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