Bargain- Halloween tree and turquoise shoes

I have to share these turquoise shoes I bought today to go with the turquoise jacket. We were school shoe shopping and I saw them on a bargain rail. I’m so pleased I found them. I love shoes and like to have them matching whenever I can.

Found this in TK Max -seriously excellent for my halloween tree pattern. It has things like bags the word boo and mini ghosts etc. in which you hang on a branch/tree. This way I have a permanent one so I’m jumping up and down in excitement. I was thinking I would have to go on a seriously long walk to find just the right size branch with lots of twigs for the purpose. Will take a pic when I’ve made them but must must must finish the stars quilt for son’s birthday first.

I really have to get strict with myself these days as I have so many sewing ideas. The evenings are ok for knitting as I can’t sew upstairs as the children are (meant to be) asleep. Enought typing must get back to sewing machine.

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