Aubergine all stuffed. Part of what will be the fruit and veg display for Autumn. 100% cotton.

“Granite” the playful kitten in lots of leaves. Another Autumn linen patch.

Big cushion all stuffed -the end of the red and white patches from the quilt!

Taffeta and organza lavender bags all stuffed. We finally had some sunshine between loads of showers and storms, so I could gather and dry some lavender.

Oven gloves in cotton with patches of “Tea Garden” -fruits and tea pots.
Inside are 2 layers of felted wool blanket, so my machine had trouble assembling something so thick. In the end I hand sewed the satin ribbon edging.

“Rowan the Squirrel” another patch of the Autumn table runner. I think I’ll add more detail to his legs. Linen patch with cotton sateen left over from pelmet goblet details in daughter’s room.

I think he needs an acorn to hold.

It’s been a busy day finishing off odd bits, cooking oodles of lasagnes cleaning and still having yet another fill and sand sesh due on the damaged ceiling before I can begin to think about painting it.

The storms damaged the phones. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Red wine for medicinal purposes. 🙂

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