Quick catch up


I’m not really here. I’m half way through an assignment. I thought I ought to show you some makings for Jodie Cyprus Dog Rehoming’s charity.


This set of leads and collars go with some adopt me coats I made. See below.


More blue martingale collars.




A little buttoned cushion for Lyla in the car.


Kaffe Fassett collars in pale pink.


Snowflake collar


Daisy collar


Set of adopt me coats for Jodie Cyprus Dog Rehoming.


Lettering was printed on.


Logo was sewn on.


I won the gorgeous vibrant painting!


Spring has arrived in the garden.


Tulips from Amsterdam.


Wonderfully scented vibernum.


The pack love the warmer weather.


Lyla is fitting in well. She is my study buddy.


Bungle smiles.


How many triangles?


Bell, Enterprise and a Mirror in a race on the lake.


The start of the race.


My birthday present- a herb partierre. Daughter grew some of the herbs from seed for it.


Love the sight of cherry blossom against a clear blue sky.


New life on the canal.


So beautiful with dainty beaks.


There are the usual pairings I have seen year after year.


2 white call ducks stay near this established couple.


 The garlic woods are greening with a smattering of bluebells.


At last I have something non dog to share-


A 1-2 year old’s dress and hat with a strawberry theme.


Dress detail with strawberry flowers.


Of course I had to make the matching coat too. It is still pinned down as I had only just finished it when the photo was taken.



It too has strawberry flowers. The popper fastenings are underneath them.

That is all for now. I am so sorry that life has taken over from Blogland for the moment. The course finishes on 1st June. Hopefully I can catch up with all of you then if not before. I am missing Blogland and knowing what you are all doing, but I can easily lose half a day reading current blog posts, let alone properly catching up.  It is time I just don’t have at the moment. Sorry. Thank you for your patience.

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  • Yvonne says:

    Did you say you had not done much craft? I cannot get over all the things you have made. The dog collars etc look very professional– lovely. The strawberry dress is so pretty. Lucky person who gets that. Love the photos of the ducks etc. I am sure you are counting down the minutes until the end of this course.

  • Tracy says:

    Oooo…such wonderful things for Jodie’s dogs! LOVE all the colorful leads and collars. LOVE the pink K. Fassett collars especially. ;o) The coats looks sooo well done! Those will be happy pooches in those. That knitted strawberry outfit is just too-too CUTE!! The little dress alone is just adorable. aaawww… What a fun pattern! And such a FUN painting–wonderful with all those swoops of color–very happy! Spring looks so beautiful in your corner of the world–looks almost like summer already! Your herb partierre is LOVELY! The hexie shapes makes me thing of quilt block in a quilt block. ;o) Fun to see the hounds out & about, and sweet Lyla. 1st June is not far off. And we cheer you on this last stretch to the finish!! No worries about visiting… We know you much keep your nose down in the books a while longer. It’s a GREAT achievement you’re doing! ((LOVE & HUGS))

  • jeanie says:

    Such fabulous doggie things! And speaking of dogs, I am enchanted by the pix of the three together. Lyla looks so small by comparison but that she can certainly hold her own! And you garden and all the other photos are wonderful. It looks like spring has come to your world — and isn’t it about time? I have never seen a herb partiere. What a fabulous idea! Nice to see you!

  • Annie says:

    Melanie, I have been thinking of you, so glad things are going well. ALL your makings are wonderful. So happy Lyla is doing well!
    None of us has time it seems, so no worries. Be well. xoxo

  • Anne Marie says:

    Lots and lots of lovely makings Melanie.. !!! You are good !I love your new herb garden, i am a bit jealous of that 🙂

  • We do miss you, but we understand. Schooling takes precedence.
    Love your makings. Fun to see your doggies all decked out in color coordinated accessories. And the little dress, hat and coat are darling.

  • Lynn says:

    No need to answer back, this comment or my email back to you. June 1st!!! I hope you will have a big celebration when you are done. A well deserved celebration. Depsite your course work and your obligations, you have still managed to make so many lovely things and generous with your time for the dogs. Lila looks much different than her first picture, she looks loved!

  • Sylvia says:

    Dear Melanie,
    we miss you too, good luck on the assignment.
    The pictures make up for it, wonderful makings, I love the collars and the strawberry knittings.
    Great stuff.

  • Deb says:

    Gosh I have only now just read your latest post.How slack am I. Lyla looks so lovely Melanie, love her. All the dog bits and bobs you’ve made are brilliant.
    My blog has gone down the toilet as you know at the moment and crafting……..what’s that?